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Today, we’d like to take a look at a plant that is especially close to our, er, hearts – the cactus! The following pictures will prove that this prickly green friend can be quite a source of amusement.

This red cactus is apparently common in Yucatan and even said to have, er, enhancing properties if boiled and eaten as a soup. Right…

What this cactus seems to have too much of …

The limp things hanging down from the cactus fruits are flower remains. Maybe it’s not a cactus man after all?


The next specimen belongs to the Cephalocereus gaumeri species and is often referred to as “old man” cactus, because of the white wool on top looking like long white hairs – not what you’re thinking.



… this one seems to lack. Little blue pills, anyone?


It’ll take some balls to come out of hiding


Tom, Dick and Harry playing the same old tune…

Pretties in pink

Subtlety is not his strength


Image: Unknown

Going somewhere?


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