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Welcome to www.haveABC.dk - preliminary 4653 articles about garden and flowers

Welcome to haveABC.dk - preliminary 4653 articles about garden and flowers


In haveABC.dk you will find this content

• All kinds of plants - divided into flowers, perennials, palms, ferns, aquatic plants and ...

   comprehensive alphabetical, so you have more search options

• Potted Plants to room, conservatory, conservatory and greenhouse, with care, watering, care,

   propagation, diseases and pests

• Grass, ornamental grasses, lawns, mowing and maintenance

• Weed, weed control, prevention and eradication

• Vegetable garden with potatoes, carrots, radishes, lettuce, onions, vegetables ...

• Fruit / berries - fruit trees, berry bushes, strawberries and much more

• Shrubs / trees - both large and small, with and without thorns and flowers

• Fences and hedges, hedge trimming and maintenance, etc.


There (are) the search and sorting ability to:

Pronunciation, Plant Family, Plant Type, Habitat, Use, Height, flowering,

Propagation and poisonous plants and berries.


• Follow the garden's Seasons and what you 'must' do.

• How is the greenhouse constructed, and what can be grown

• A fountain, a trickling stream, a pond, a waterfall - Water the garden

• Animals in the garden, both birds, insects, butterflies, animals, mammals and pests.

• Mushrooms are for connoisseurs and collectors - read about mushrooms here

• Compost / manure, how and why the earth to be fed


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• Garden Planning is essential, both at planting and replanting -

• Jar / window box is pleasure in city-/town and easy

• Our children need is best Playgrounds - see how

• allotments are a wonderful way of life in Denmark - we gather knowledge and stories

• Patio / pavilion - as an extension of your living room or coffehouse

• Firewood, sawing wood and low wood pile, choice of wood

• Plant Forms with overview of plants, shrubs and trees

• Garden info - generally have a lexicon of info about almost everything for the garden

• Tips and ideas for bigger and better enjoyment and use of garden

• "My flowers"

• "My garden"


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• Overview of most nurseries in the Denmark.


We collect information and submit to haveABC.dk each day / as fast as we can

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